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Origami Photography

At 7 years old I began folding and have been in love ever since! These pieces portray the magic and beauty of origami. The art and dance of paper. The careful craft of folding. One crisp fold after another and a plain sheet of paper is transformed into something beautiful, something familiar. It can be anything you want it to be and more. These pieces are a glimpse of how a folded paper can live and breathe in the real world if you allow it. These pieces combine my passion of folding with photographs of places that have deep meaning to me. Crease after crease I folded things that I love into pictures of places I can't live without. Some started with a photograph, while others with an origami model. I began to see origami pieces wherever I went, finding perfect moments to capture. Throughout the process of taking pictures I was drawn to creating pieces where my origami would come alive. My intent was not only to capture their magical quality, but also their realness and how there’s magical beauty in the every day.

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