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This book was handcrafted at the press at Colorado College under the wonderful guidance of Lucy Holtsnider. It was written to give children (or anyone else who enjoys enjoys folding) a fun way to experience the art of origami by engaging the reader through the folds of the book. It also teaches the reader a little bit about the beauty of Japanese culture. 


The handmade cover paper is from Two Hands Paperie. The story pages were inkjet printed, while the title, folding papers, sculpture piece, and diagram papers were all hand printed using handmade linoleum blocks. The book is bound with with a secret Belgian binding.


Each page of this book contains the story about a Japanese princess as well as diagrams and folding instructions on making an origami flower. The book also provides handprinted origami paper.


  • Keep out of sunlight. Be delicate with the pages (it is made out of paper!).

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